Construction has begun

The Parisot School is taking shape!  This week (November 27, 2017) construction of the roof on each building has begun.   The work is very manual and the heat is exhausting.  We are grateful to have hard working local laborers employed to build the school.


Construction has been moving along. As of October 2017 all buildings are underway!

2017-10-17-PHOTO-00000070Haiti Construction 4 Haiti Construction 1

In July 2017 construction of the Parisot School began in Jacmel, Haiti.  There are currently 13 laborers working 6 days per week to build the school.  All work is done manually so it is a slow, time consuming process.  We are pleased that all workers are from Jacmel.  A goal of the Parisot Foundation is to help support the local economy.

Haiti Construction 2 Haiti Construction 3

Building a liberal arts & vocational school